Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Do You Coach?

The question asked me , was why do you coach?

At that time , I was a first base coach in Little League Baseball .
My answer was that when little man , looks into your eyes and in his meager little man voice calls you coach , or when he hugs you with a face full of tears and proclaims they're because he's happy  , at that second of splendor you have the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped make their lives a nicer place to be !
All that's left to do is THANK GOD for the blessing , who He delivered it through , and for blessing you in that way .

The score never matter  , or whether it was a win or loss . Theres precious little that last throughout life , memories , it matters not at what part of life they occur , or whether they are  good or bad , they endure that span . We choose whether they are good or bad !

The truest joy that we all crave , comes from giving , the getting then comes randomly throughout life and is much greater in proportion than the giving ever was . God planned it that wat!

                      ''Success come in can's , failure comes in can't's''

Your Brother in Christ ,

Russell Emerson 

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