Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How Do You Measure Freedom?

  There are many ways to measure freedom ,  most are established by man . These measures fall into a plethora of the various segments of freedom , ranging from hunger , political tryrancy , to being financially free , etc... . While all are applausible , justifiably so , and all require self discipline  to attain ''wanna be'', the only true all encompassing  freedom remains freedom of spirit . 
While all are liberating they are measures man has created to measure social status . A free spirit to is liberating , differing in being a heart thing  , the only freedom containing that character .
 A free spirit can only exist in the realm  of eternal abundance . Today it may be food , clothing , monetary , political etc... whatever God calls for or leads to , if it be that you are willing to answer the call to serve God will provide what's needed . You may not by  by social measure be regarded as free , but in you heart will forever be a free spirit derived from the satiisfaction of  knowing that you made life a nicer place to be , and that you can give again and still have 100% left to give again , any other freedom is depletable .  There is no one that can take it from you , and spirit is all that we can take to Heaven . 
I know that I'm going there , are you?

    ''Life is never about what you can't do , it's always about what you can and finding a way to do it that matters''

Your Brother in Christ ,
Russell Emerson

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