Saturday, May 9, 2009


There is a powerful force used to paralyze you , rule you , help you make the wrong decision , ruin your health physically and mentally , and you disable what renders this force shielding . That force is FEAR [false evidence appearing real] .

Fear  is alive and thriving . We let it into our lives in subtle ways , but like every cancer it grows , reaching the paralytic magnitudes the purveyors of this grandiose propaganda desire and relieves most of us of the innocent legitimate earnings that we need in our daily lives . The success of these purveyors depends on your willingness to perish . 

Recent examples hoaxes all are  , the Swine Flu , Global Warming , the econocic crisis , and you name it ,  political manipulation practiced daily at you expense . 
Yes your expense .

The Swine Flu , fact more people will die from a erradicated disease [tuberculosis] this year than from the Swine Flu in 2009 . During the 10-14 days of media permeating hysteria that propagandized societies globally sales of over the counter flu remedies increased over 25% , success . Governments world wide including the World HealthOrganization , mtoobilized their massive stockpiles ,[ known to include megadoses of harmful chemicals] to government health agencies in preparation for their hysteria . It only makes sense that several hours travel in sealed air sytems , breathing the same air as sick people disease [dis ease] would spread and become rabid . Ah , the vacine some fool wil buy it .

Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize , and gleaned millions of dollars from the hoax , but the fact is there is no global warming in fact the Earth is about a degree cooler than five years ago . When Ronald Regan was president the crisis was Global Cooling . George H.W.Bush and Clinton it was the Ozone hole . George W. Bush it was 9/11 and Global Warming . Now it's Carboxn Dioxide and Global Warming  fact is there is no signficant  increase  of atmosphereic CO2 . CO2 is one of the most beneficial of all gases . Plants need it to survive . 0h yeah go green . The California wildfires are being fueled by the underbrush that Clinton banned controlled burning of . What was burned at regular intervals is now allowed to grow and burn out of control , demolishing homes or whatever is in it's path of destuction  . Remember the homes that couldn't be paid for and the insurance scams . Ouch!
Just another distraction while politicians relieve you of hard , honest earned dollars .  
The global eeconomic crisis [everythings a crisis ] was preengineerd there just is no way that anyone can buy houses , cars , and goods they can't afford . The artificial Boom is over and reality is taking hold .
The global food shortage that is already severe and worsening , the media never publicizes .The only cure for no food is food . Mouatainhouse Foods that supplies the U.S government with food supplies is sold of number 10 cans through 2o10 and has been since September 2008 . What do they know that they aren't telling
The U.S. governments last major engineered failure was  the Dust Bowl , but that will be a minor compared to the impending one .

By sucumbing to fear tactics , and putting faiath in man and his deceptive ways instead of God who created you , you have allowed fear to influenc your choices and or decisions . 

Fear is not a spirit of God , my advice confess and repent!

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