Saturday, May 30, 2009


On May 21 , 2001 , my life changed drastically , changed forever in a way that we humanly never anticipate and are unprepared for . That day I survived a stroke , in which I died three times , Over the next several months and nearly subsequent six years , long stays in several hospitals and nursing homes in two different states  , my been there, done that experience taught me how very valuable dignity is .

All establishments  had one thing in common  , they claim their existence is to preserve dignity , when the reality that’s your first loss . 
A once vibrant , thriving , giving being  , maybe not yet elderly ,  is suddenly separated from  , possibly forever  their legacy building dignity , reduced to a mere display item that provides employment for many who seldom care , and  a Dr. who can usually do a human body well if t hey have enough caring compassion to stay away from it . As man would have establishments need to be preserved , ego’s need to be stroked , unjust incomes are pursued [insurance companies willfully pay] and all at the loss of dignity these sage’s . What they know is they best look and behave their best on the rare occasions that they are required to be a display . After all they now represent the institution housing them , so they are told .

    Job 16:6 ’’ Though I speak , my grief is not assuaged: and though I forbear                                           
                    what am I eased ?’’

   Job 32:9  ‘’Great men are not always wise: neither do  the aged
                    understand judgement’’

   Luke 9:25  ‘’For what is a man advantaged , if he gain the whole
                       world , and lose himself , or be cast away?’’

   Titus 2:2 ’’That the aged man be sober , grave , temperate , sound  
                    in faith , in charity in patience .’’

   Titus 2:3 ‘’The aged woman likewise that they be in behavior as 
                     becometh holiness , not false accusers , not given to 
                      much wine ,  teachers of good things;’’

      Revelation 16:16  ‘’And he gathered them together into a place                                             
                                    called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon .’’

We all need Dignity, it is a gift from God . We can’t take it  with us , but our legacy stays here . Without dignity we have no foundation to build our legacy on .
 God saves souls , the most precious gift of enduring compassion  that we can give another human is dignity . 
It doesn’t pass with them , but remains with us , preciously enriching our lives for generations . Truly a great return for a small investment .

In summary by perceived compassion you deny whoever their final ultimate victory for a few years . But in reality it’s you and subsequent innocent generations that you deny the life enrichment of a legacy .

Have true compassion , recognize that Gods way is the most excellent way , and give whoever their dignity whenever you can .

Your Brother in Christ

 Russell Emerson

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Using an array of highly unsavory characters  , Capital One often asked the question ''What's in your wallet'' right away revealing where their heart interest in you . was  ,or is . 
When ther's trouble , and at the least of moments , while you despair what your needs , familiar and otherwise , they DEMAND the impossible of you PAY IN FULL plus interest and penalties .

In Luke 12:34 ,  Jesus imparted the wisdom to us and His disciples , that reveals how very unsavory these characters are and the same wisdom that we all need as we enter this very uncertain season .

''For where your treasure is , there your heart will be also '' Luke 12 : 34

Perhaps Capital One can take solace in knowing that they never were in my wallet , where I did carry it , is a place of infamy  . 

There was a time in my life that I belived that I was beyond Solomons wisdom . Wisdom he imparts to us in Proverbs 22:7 , that proved true then and is truer 10 years later . That is in the past and I have been forgiven , but the shadows that linger make that reality haunting .  Although I learned much the hard way , I do  pray that my past anguish does not become your present or future ,

''The rich ruleth over the poor , and the borrower is servant to the lender'' Pro 22:7 

100% true then , now ,  and forever . I cannot boast of a grandiose life at present by the standards of the times , but I sleep very peacefully everynight , and Capital One or whoever seems to be in the news daily , the news is not good either . They really need to get a job !

Centuries before Manahem had similar dismal encounters with Assyria .

''And Manahem exacted the money of Israel , of all the mighty men of wealth , of each man fifty shekels of silver , to give to the king of Assyria . So the king of Assyria turned back and stayed not  ''
2 Ki 15:30 

Blood money existed then and is alive and well in 2009 .

The choice that we have that takes away our freedoms , and our ability to prosper . submits us to serfdom  , ruins our homes and families is whether or not to sucumb to the temptations of life , or forego them and save our souls for life eternal .

Turn your faith properly and the choice becomes easy and obvious . In the final chapter,, Revelations 3;10 ,  the end of life as we no it , Jesus reminds us that rewards await for those who were patient and did not sucumb to temptation .

'' Because thou has kept thy word of my patience , I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation , which shall come upon all the world , to try them that dwell upon the earth.''
Rev. 3:10 

The choice is ours to make .

I can only fairly  end this by asking the same question I began with ,
''Whos in your heart ?''

Have a Godly forever !!

Your Brother in Christ ,
Russell Emerson

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Story Contest Update: New Deadline & An Interesting Twist

Hi everyone,

I have decided to further extend the deadline from Friday, May 29, 2009 12:00 (midnight) EST (US) to Saturday, August 15, 2009. The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 29, 2009 on this blog.

I have decided to extend the deadline until Saturday, August 15, 2009 to allow for as many people as possible to get in on this contest. This contest now has an interesting twist, which should cause a stir among the readers of this blog.

The twist: Well, before I get to the twist, I should probably recap the original outline of the contest for those of you not familiar with it.

To recap (the original outline): I had opened a story continuation contest. The story is one of my christian fiction entitled "The Wealthy Atheist". So far 3 Chapters have been posted. I am looking for Chapter 4.

The lucky winner will become an author on my blog PLUS they will receive $1 (the cash may go up) to their paypal account (must have paypal account in order to receive payment).

In order to qualify to win you MUST continue the story (Chapter 4) on the site. Only continuations (Chapter 4) posted on the site will qualify for the prize (of authorship on my blog AND cash).

Now for the twist: You are allowed to continue ANY of the stories found here. In addition, you can go as many chapters on ANY of these stories as you like. Why? Because the more stories you continue, and the more chapters of ANY story you continue, the more cash (that's right I said more cash) you are eligible to receive. I think this bares repeating. The more stories you continue, the more cash you are eligible to receive. The more chapters of ANY story you continue, the more cash you are eligible to receive. The only condition that remains the same from the original outline is that it MUST be continued (each story you choose to continue for as many chapters you choose to continue) MUST be posted on the site (and of course I must be able to find it).

Let me clarify what I just said with a couple examples.

Example # 1: Currently there are 4 distinct stories on (The Wealthy Atheist - Chapters 1, 2 & 3; Her First Nightmare; Heavenly Minded; Teenage Drama). You decide you will continue 3 of these 4 stories. If you decide to continue each story 1 chapter each, that's 1 x 3 = 3 times the cash (which is 3 x $1 = $3) you're eligible to receive if you are chosen the winner (from among your 3 entries).

Example # 2: Of the 4 stories currently there, you decide to just continue 1 of them. You decide that you'll write (oh let's say) 5 chapters. That's 1 x 5 = 5 times the cash (which is 5 x $1 = $5) you're eligible to receive if you are chosen the winner (from among your 5 entries).

Are you beginning to see the possibilities here? The possible cash you could receive is completely based on how many entries you decide on.

If you are confused then please feel free to drop me a note (for clarification purposes) to and I'll do my best to get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your note.

Looking forward to reading quite a few entries.

God bless..


Thursday, May 14, 2009


The question was ,  Where does childhood end and adulthood begin?
When I was about 45 I was asked that question . For me the answer was simple .You've probably asked the wrong person ,  I don't know if childhood ever ends , my life has been adventure after adventure . If we all are God's children and  indeed childlike , from my vantage , that'e the way it should be . 
 Since the adventures continue to this day ,  at nearly 55 , there are no straight lines that make up my life  and all the roads have bends  ,  in a wheelchair [one of the  adventures that I have been blessed to have ] the adventures keep comung THANK GOD!  My intimacy with God and my continuos  focus on Him and Heaven , make this long strange trip an adventure of lifelong duration , with honor .
I consider this privilege of being able to  share this an adventure , and the privilege of writing this another adventure . 2 adventures sharing one question . Not only adventures but a legacy .
Nothing stops me from giving and for that I 
 THANK YOU GOD !!! what joy .

We never know what our blessing will be , we can only accept it , and make the best of it and know that is a blessing for the unique person that God created us to be , share it willfully and encourage evryone to be the best they can be as they build and share their blessing . Food maybe the only medicine we put in our bodies everyday , but God is the only medicine that we can open our hearts , minds , and spirits to and have a lifetime of blessed everydays .

Have a Godly everyday !
Your Brother in Christ ,
Russell Emerson

Spring Renewal

For many of us the spring season signifies a time of de-cluttering, getting rid of the junk we do not need any more, having yard sales, and deep cleaning the house. We also freshen up our flowerbeds and yards by pulling out or killing off the weeds, planting new flowers and watering it to stimulate new growth and vibrant color. This spring, why not do all of these things (figuratively) within yourself as well?

I encourage you to take some alone time to get inside yourself to sort out some of those thoughts and feelings you are carrying around inside you that are taking up precious space. The things I am referring to are old wounds, doubts, and self-defeating thoughts that are restricting your positive flow of energy and preventing creativity. Here’s a small exercise to help with this: Just like preparing for a yard sale, go through all you ‘stuff’ and separate it all by writing it down in two columns – one is the Keep column and the other is the Release column . Now, take that piece of paper and cut it down the middle vertically so the columns are separate. In a yard sale, you would try to sell your old stuff. Haven’t we been doing that with the stuff on this list for many years anyway, through blame and pity? Haven’t we been trying for years to sell other people on why we are the way we are and deriving our sales pitch content from this Release list? The Release list is the foundation for far too many people. In this case, we don’t want to sell this stuff, we want to haul it off to the dump where it will mingle with everyone else’s unwanted junk and eventually rot away. So, take your Release list, wad it up, shred it, burn it… whatever your preferred method of disposal is, and get rid of it - for good!

Now that you have made room, it is time to freshen up your mind and spirit and plant some new colorful thoughts, dreams and goals. Again, taking out a piece of paper, write down a list of the three main areas of your life in which you want to focus positive energy. For example, this may be family, friends, spirituality, or career or whatever else pops into your mind and heart. This list will be the things in your life you will tend to and focus on so that they will grow and flourish. You will need to care for these things just as you would tend to a garden. It may be important from time to time to weed out the negative things or people in your life so that they do not choke off and kill of your dreams and desires. You will need to nurture your dreams by surrounding yourself with positive people and input. Associate with people who are happy and have a healthy optimistic outlook on life. Read books and listen to speakers who motivate and encourage you to be your best self. The more you fill your mind with positive and uplifting self-talk and thinking, the less opportunity all those old things from your Release list will have to resurface. Just like a garden, if you let it go and do not maintain it, the weeds will come back, the flowers will die and you will have to work extra hard to get it back in shape again. Take stock regularly of the amount of clutter you have accumulated and the vitality of your garden. If you picked up new junk, let it go before it adds up. If the flowers in your garden are losing color, add a little positive input into your life.

As your garden flourishes there will be a point in which you can pick from it and give others in your life beautiful and fragrant bouquets of flowers by becoming one of those people others gravitate to because you make them feel good. You will become that positive and uplifting person you were looking to be around yourself. You may also be able to help others simplify and de-clutter their life and begin to tend to their own flower beds of happiness. It is in giving that you achieve prize-winning flowers.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


There is a powerful force used to paralyze you , rule you , help you make the wrong decision , ruin your health physically and mentally , and you disable what renders this force shielding . That force is FEAR [false evidence appearing real] .

Fear  is alive and thriving . We let it into our lives in subtle ways , but like every cancer it grows , reaching the paralytic magnitudes the purveyors of this grandiose propaganda desire and relieves most of us of the innocent legitimate earnings that we need in our daily lives . The success of these purveyors depends on your willingness to perish . 

Recent examples hoaxes all are  , the Swine Flu , Global Warming , the econocic crisis , and you name it ,  political manipulation practiced daily at you expense . 
Yes your expense .

The Swine Flu , fact more people will die from a erradicated disease [tuberculosis] this year than from the Swine Flu in 2009 . During the 10-14 days of media permeating hysteria that propagandized societies globally sales of over the counter flu remedies increased over 25% , success . Governments world wide including the World HealthOrganization , mtoobilized their massive stockpiles ,[ known to include megadoses of harmful chemicals] to government health agencies in preparation for their hysteria . It only makes sense that several hours travel in sealed air sytems , breathing the same air as sick people disease [dis ease] would spread and become rabid . Ah , the vacine some fool wil buy it .

Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize , and gleaned millions of dollars from the hoax , but the fact is there is no global warming in fact the Earth is about a degree cooler than five years ago . When Ronald Regan was president the crisis was Global Cooling . George H.W.Bush and Clinton it was the Ozone hole . George W. Bush it was 9/11 and Global Warming . Now it's Carboxn Dioxide and Global Warming  fact is there is no signficant  increase  of atmosphereic CO2 . CO2 is one of the most beneficial of all gases . Plants need it to survive . 0h yeah go green . The California wildfires are being fueled by the underbrush that Clinton banned controlled burning of . What was burned at regular intervals is now allowed to grow and burn out of control , demolishing homes or whatever is in it's path of destuction  . Remember the homes that couldn't be paid for and the insurance scams . Ouch!
Just another distraction while politicians relieve you of hard , honest earned dollars .  
The global eeconomic crisis [everythings a crisis ] was preengineerd there just is no way that anyone can buy houses , cars , and goods they can't afford . The artificial Boom is over and reality is taking hold .
The global food shortage that is already severe and worsening , the media never publicizes .The only cure for no food is food . Mouatainhouse Foods that supplies the U.S government with food supplies is sold of number 10 cans through 2o10 and has been since September 2008 . What do they know that they aren't telling
The U.S. governments last major engineered failure was  the Dust Bowl , but that will be a minor compared to the impending one .

By sucumbing to fear tactics , and putting faiath in man and his deceptive ways instead of God who created you , you have allowed fear to influenc your choices and or decisions . 

Fear is not a spirit of God , my advice confess and repent!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How Do You Measure Freedom?

  There are many ways to measure freedom ,  most are established by man . These measures fall into a plethora of the various segments of freedom , ranging from hunger , political tryrancy , to being financially free , etc... . While all are applausible , justifiably so , and all require self discipline  to attain ''wanna be'', the only true all encompassing  freedom remains freedom of spirit . 
While all are liberating they are measures man has created to measure social status . A free spirit to is liberating , differing in being a heart thing  , the only freedom containing that character .
 A free spirit can only exist in the realm  of eternal abundance . Today it may be food , clothing , monetary , political etc... whatever God calls for or leads to , if it be that you are willing to answer the call to serve God will provide what's needed . You may not by  by social measure be regarded as free , but in you heart will forever be a free spirit derived from the satiisfaction of  knowing that you made life a nicer place to be , and that you can give again and still have 100% left to give again , any other freedom is depletable .  There is no one that can take it from you , and spirit is all that we can take to Heaven . 
I know that I'm going there , are you?

    ''Life is never about what you can't do , it's always about what you can and finding a way to do it that matters''

Your Brother in Christ ,
Russell Emerson

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Do You Coach?

The question asked me , was why do you coach?

At that time , I was a first base coach in Little League Baseball .
My answer was that when little man , looks into your eyes and in his meager little man voice calls you coach , or when he hugs you with a face full of tears and proclaims they're because he's happy  , at that second of splendor you have the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped make their lives a nicer place to be !
All that's left to do is THANK GOD for the blessing , who He delivered it through , and for blessing you in that way .

The score never matter  , or whether it was a win or loss . Theres precious little that last throughout life , memories , it matters not at what part of life they occur , or whether they are  good or bad , they endure that span . We choose whether they are good or bad !

The truest joy that we all crave , comes from giving , the getting then comes randomly throughout life and is much greater in proportion than the giving ever was . God planned it that wat!

                      ''Success come in can's , failure comes in can't's''

Your Brother in Christ ,

Russell Emerson