Saturday, May 30, 2009


On May 21 , 2001 , my life changed drastically , changed forever in a way that we humanly never anticipate and are unprepared for . That day I survived a stroke , in which I died three times , Over the next several months and nearly subsequent six years , long stays in several hospitals and nursing homes in two different states  , my been there, done that experience taught me how very valuable dignity is .

All establishments  had one thing in common  , they claim their existence is to preserve dignity , when the reality that’s your first loss . 
A once vibrant , thriving , giving being  , maybe not yet elderly ,  is suddenly separated from  , possibly forever  their legacy building dignity , reduced to a mere display item that provides employment for many who seldom care , and  a Dr. who can usually do a human body well if t hey have enough caring compassion to stay away from it . As man would have establishments need to be preserved , ego’s need to be stroked , unjust incomes are pursued [insurance companies willfully pay] and all at the loss of dignity these sage’s . What they know is they best look and behave their best on the rare occasions that they are required to be a display . After all they now represent the institution housing them , so they are told .

    Job 16:6 ’’ Though I speak , my grief is not assuaged: and though I forbear                                           
                    what am I eased ?’’

   Job 32:9  ‘’Great men are not always wise: neither do  the aged
                    understand judgement’’

   Luke 9:25  ‘’For what is a man advantaged , if he gain the whole
                       world , and lose himself , or be cast away?’’

   Titus 2:2 ’’That the aged man be sober , grave , temperate , sound  
                    in faith , in charity in patience .’’

   Titus 2:3 ‘’The aged woman likewise that they be in behavior as 
                     becometh holiness , not false accusers , not given to 
                      much wine ,  teachers of good things;’’

      Revelation 16:16  ‘’And he gathered them together into a place                                             
                                    called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon .’’

We all need Dignity, it is a gift from God . We can’t take it  with us , but our legacy stays here . Without dignity we have no foundation to build our legacy on .
 God saves souls , the most precious gift of enduring compassion  that we can give another human is dignity . 
It doesn’t pass with them , but remains with us , preciously enriching our lives for generations . Truly a great return for a small investment .

In summary by perceived compassion you deny whoever their final ultimate victory for a few years . But in reality it’s you and subsequent innocent generations that you deny the life enrichment of a legacy .

Have true compassion , recognize that Gods way is the most excellent way , and give whoever their dignity whenever you can .

Your Brother in Christ

 Russell Emerson

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