Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spiritual Sunday Everyone


It's Sunday (here in Belize), the traditional day of worship, at least if you are Christian. Whatever your religious/spiritual beliefs, I invite you to spend at least part of the day focused on connection with your spiritual man.

Being a Christian (a believer in/follower of Jesus Christ) I am looking forward to going to church today to spend some time with fellow believers in/followers of Jesus Christ. I feel that it is vitally important that we spend time together in a place of worship with other people of like faith (spiritual/religious beliefs).

My intention is not to offend any one with this post, but simply to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike that regardless of your faith (spiritual/religious beliefs) take some time today to connect with your spirituality.

That said, connection with one's spiritualityy should not be just a 'Sunday thing' (or whatever your 'day of worship' is), but rather it should be a daily activity. So today, whatever your faith (spiritual/religious beliefs) I encourage you to spend some time connecting with your spirituality.

God bless...


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