Friday, March 27, 2009

Attitude Tune Up

Greetings all,

As an excited, faithful member of (MC) I make sure to listen to the podcasts (at least since I've joined late last month). In a recent episode (Episode 566) JB Glossinger (host of the podcast and founder of MC) shared the following from April 2009's Success Magazine (the online version of the following is slightly different):

Daily Guidelines - Attitude Tune Up by Keith Harrell

1) Count your blessings daily and give thanks.
2) Get proper rest and exercise and start eating healthier.
3) Don't let petty things have power over your personal and professional success. Monitor what you read, what you hear and what you say.
4) Set aside some personal time with family and close friends. Reconnect to the loved ones that you have.
5) Help someone less fortunate. It brings out your true spirit.
6) Feed your spirit daily. Read and listen to motivational books and tapes.
7) Reflect on your victories.
8) Watch your words.
9) Create an upbeat positive greeting that builds enthusiasm for you and everyone around you.
10) Develop a clear vision. Lock into your purpose and passion and set goals with deadlines.

I thought I'd share this because I think we all need an attitude tune up from time to time. It's always a good thing to come back to this list (or the one online) from time to time and see how we are progressing. I know I will certainly do that.

God bless..


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