Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goal(s) for April 2009

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are actually reading/following this blog, you may already be familiar with MorningCoach.com (MC) as I've mentioned it in a few of my posts. Once again I'll be making reference to MC with this post as I'd like to share a few of my goals for April 2009.

I started sharing my goals (monthly goals) with the MC community in March 2009 shortly after I joined the community (in late February 2009). Since then I've been a big fan of having and following through on goals. Prior to that time I had hardly, if ever, set, much less followed through on, any goals in my life. I realize the error of my ways now and strongly urge those of you who do not have goals to start setting and following through on some goals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). For those of you who are already in the habit of doing this I'd love to be privied to some of your goals if they're not too personal. We can help encourage each other.

So without further ado, here are a few of my goals for April 2009:

1) First and foremost, to KEEP giving God the glory and the honor and the praise daily, not just here in MC but in all my daily activities both online and offline.

2) Secondly, to KEEP praying daily for my family, my friends, world leaders, church leaders, spiritual leaders, business leaders, etc (basically anyone who needs prayers which basically means everyone.)

3) Thirdly, to KEEP writing/posting stories. Over the past few weeks I have dropped off with this goal in particular but I think I can maintain writing/posting at least 1 story (whether christian/non-christian/fanfiction) a week each week.

There are a few more goals that I posted in MC. I just wanted to share a few of my goals for April 2009 with my blog readers/followers. What I try to do is update my progress daily or weekly (pretty much when I have time to, which I factor in to my day as much as I can). I do this on MC so as to keep my MC friends and encouragers informed of my progress. Feel free to visit MC (and sign up if you're not a member yet) and check out the forums for my post: Goal(s) for April 2009.

Well that's all from me for the time being. Can't wait to be privied to some of your goals for this coming month (or week, or year or however you set your goals). I'd love to help keep you encouraged on your path to fulfillment. It would be an honor and a privilige.

God bless...


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