Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mind STUCK in MUCK

What was your mind made to do? By "mind" I'm talking about our brains.

Go back in time and think about how much you learned early on in your life. Just in the first few years of life we likely learned more than we have in all of our years since then combined!

It's been proven that children have the ability to learn just anything and everything when they are young. Jim Rohn ( talks about a discussion he had with a friend of his that spoke several languages. This discussion caused him to ponder to his friend, "I wonder how many languages a child can learn?" To which his friend replied, "All of them!" His friend went on to say that the major problem was the lack of those to TEACH these languages to children. So, if the child has a teacher, it is possible for a child to learn far more than we can imagine!

What happened?

Has our minds - yours and mine - become STUCK in the MUCK?

Have they become "bogged down" in apathy? "I'm not going to learn anything I don't have to! I did enough of that in school!" is an attitude that I have actually heard expressed. Now, I understand someone right out of high school and even college saying that out of "relief" of graduating - but shouldn't that thought change after a while?
Should we not CRAVE more knowledge?

How many people (perhaps you) have a job that does not challenge them in any way? How many people go through their workday with mind-numbing activities that do nothing to stimulate your mind or challenge you to think and consider new/better ways in which to do things?

I CHALLENGE ALL OF US to take this seriously! Even if you feel that you cannot do anything about your situation at work (I think we can, but that's for another discussion) then it is even more important for us to find ways to stimulate our minds when we are away from work.

The problem is this: because we have been bored all day we actually feel more worn out than if we had been busy all day! Boredom has a way of completely sucking the life right out of us! So, the very need to do SOMETHING to stimulate our minds often goes unheeded simply due to our "mind-numbing" activities actually numbing our mind!

What will YOU do? What are things that YOU (and I) can do TODAY to stimulate the mind?

HERE'S THE KICKER! If we would do this we might be surprised to find out that we also have the ability to do something about our position at our workplace! Think about it.

Writing (like for MJ's author blog here) is an EXCELLENT way to stimulate the mind. Whatever it is - DISCOVER IT and DO IT!

And, by the way, PLEASE - if you have young children at home - start NOW in helping them THINK and EXPLORE using their mind.

Our future depends upon it!

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Mike Spillman

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Thanks a million for this post. It's just what this blog is all about: inspiration, motivation, upliftment, encouragement, etc.

    I firmly believe that we should never stop learning. I believe that the day we decide to stop learning something, even if it's just relearning something we're supposed to already know, is the day we die.

    The mind is the most powerful machine. It was designed for far more than how we typically use it. If only we would use as much of our mind as possible.

    I encourage everyone who reads this post to learn something today, relearn something if necessary. Do something to stimulate your mind. Write something (I encourage you to be an author on this blog if you'd like). Read something. Invent something. Reinvent something. Whatever you do, start now.

    God bless..