Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Goal Setting Is Important For Solo Entrepreneurs

What guides you to where you are now to where you want to be is a goal. With goal setting, you have a destination or a clarity of where you want to go. I remembered the quote or the conversation in the Alice wonderland movie or story book between Cheshire cat and Alice:

"Which road do I take?" asked Alice

"Where do you want to go?" responded Cheshire cat

"I don't know," replied Alice

"Then, it doesn't matter," concluded Cheshire cat

From the conversation above, if you just run the business and do activities without a purpose, you are going nowhere. So, you need a business goal. If you are solo entrepreneurs, your business goal may include your personal one as well. You have to be successful in life and in business as part of your goal setting. Here are the reasons why goal setting is important for solo entrepreneurs:

Most goals are measured by SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) hence it has numbers or monetary values and due time. Yes, SMART goal setting is necessary such as financial goal. You want to know if you achieve your financial goal by measuring in term of monetary values.

There is also a goal that you can't measure, such as a lifestyle, personal or family goal. There is sometimes a connectivity between a lifestyle and financial goal. How will your life change if you achieve your financial goal? What will you do for your family when you meet your goal?

It is easy to set up six months, one year or two year goal. To create a long-term goal for five years and ten years, you really need to have a vision, a mission and a big dream. It is easy for kids to come out with a big dream. Most adults become perplexed when they're asked for their goal or dream in five or ten years in the future.

Do you need to work alone to achieve your goal? Previously, I thought that this was my goal, and I was responsible for it; I had to work for my goal. Most people fail to reach their goal because they are not held accountable for their goal. The number one reason why people are afraid to set a goal is because they have fear to work hard, and they lack of support. You need someone to follow up with your goal. Most of the successful people, athletes and superstars have their goals achieved because they have a coach by their side. Kids have parents, teachers or adults to follow up with their goals or accomplishments. A coach will assist, encourage and cheer the person as he is working toward his goal.

Goal setting is important for solo entrepreneurs because you can get what you want faster and timely. As you are practicing goal setting often, you will work more efficiently, and you work according to the plan. Your life will turn out to be great and your business will grow as you expect it.

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