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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs To Consider

Are you looking for a work from home job?

Do you want to earn extra income to augment your monthly expenses?

If you feel that working from home is best for you and your family then do not worry, as finding legitimate work online is not a problem.

Online jobs are very popular nowadays, as more and more companies looking for cheap labor and ways to reduce their monthly operation cost are now hiring professionals and anyone with or without experience to work for them from home. In fact, as long as you have a computer, internet connection, time and the heart to learn then finding work online is easy.

What Are Some of The legitimate Work from Home Jobs?

Virtual Customer Representative

If you do not mind answering calls, tracking orders, calling customers then you can apply to become an online call center. Many employers and third party companies hire freelancers to work for them as customer representative; some even provide training sessions free of charge.

To qualify for the position, you must have a reliable computer, high speed internet connection, landline (depending on the employer), telephone headset, comfortable chair and a quiet room to work for a few hours a day. You can work full time, part time or work for split shifts for about 20 hours weekly. The typical pay is $9 to $20 per hour, with bonuses and incentives if you are lucky to work for a good company.

Virtual Secretary or Personal Assistant

The demand for virtual personal assistants is huge, as small companies prefer to hire assistants online that can do various tasks such as arranging travel arrangements, answering phones, sending out emails or letters, etc. The usual pay for these types of jobs is from $15 to $30 per hour. By the way, some employers prefer someone with knowledge in Excel, Word, and database management, so if you are familiar with some computer software applications then it is a plus point.

Online Tutor

Online private tutoring is also fast becoming one of the popular work from home jobs that you can take advantage of. In fact, if you are good at math, physics, world history, and foreign languages then work is not a problem. There are websites that hire freelancers to tutor students one on one for GRE, GDE, and SAT. The working time is flexible, but you need to set aside at least 5 hours of your time a week. Tutoring is usually about 25 minutes per session and the pay is hourly between $10 to $14 for minor course or subjects. If you want to go private, you can make as much as $65 per hour for subjects like chemistry and math.

Take note, you must pass the exams and mock session first to become an online tutor, as experience is not a requirement.

Online Writer/Editor

If you have knack for writing and have a well grasp of the English language then you can easily make money online by writing articles or becoming a copy editor. Numerous websites online like Odesk and Guru have tons of work posted daily for writers and editors.

You can make $100 or more per week writing articles alone, so if you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs, you can consider the above online work.

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