Monday, June 15, 2009

My Social Networks: Come Join Me!

Hello everyone,

I know I've been somewhat MIA here on this blog. I do apologize. I've been superbusy holding down 2 day jobs and trying to maintain an online presence in several online communities as well as my other blogs. I promise to try and do a better job of posting to this blog more regularly.

Now I'd like to extend an invitation to all my blog readers, online friends, everyone who is reading this post anywhere in the world. The invitation is to join me on the following social networks:

Millionaire Mentors:

The Social Network for Millionaires and Millionaires in the Making.

Giving Online:

The Social Network for Givers (of every kind) Online

Millionaires for Christ:

Creating Millionaires for Christ

Looking forward to seeing you on these networks.

God bless..

Lady J (aka LJ)/Miss J (aka MJ)
"For With God Nothing Is Impossible" Luke 1:37
Million Dollar Experiment 2009 (blog)
Story Writer In Bz (blog)
Christians In Business (blog)
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